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       Flash Fiction

                             Folded Dollar Art

                           The Gift of Money !

Give your friends and loved ones a gift they'll never ever, ever forget.

For birthdays, holidays, weddings, anniversaries, promotions, recognition, nameplates, for yourself, store window displays, or just plain old love, you'll set yourself apart with this truly distinctive work of art. It's the Art of Money.

Each work of art (around 100 to choose from!!!) or each initial takes only 2 to 3 minutes to complete!  Imagine a name, even a special message spelled out in all REAL one dollar bills!

      seahorse         cat         swan


     A detailed look at the letter"A"         Torah scroll


      Elephant baby



Puppet Shows

Steve Abrams with his puppets


Kids are thrilled to shake hands with whimsical animals that come alive in a Puppet Show. They will leave with smiling faces and a memory of a warm encounter with the world of imagination. Steve, a veteran puppeteer, has won several awards for his work and is recognized nationally for his presentations, articles and reviews on the art of Puppetry.

Group size: Any size: Age suitability: pre-k- grade 6, enjoyable for adult and family audience
Time: program is 40-45 minutes. Set up time is 15 min

Face Paintings

3 guys with face paintings         Joey getting his face painted


Henna Tattoos

Henna tattoo on lower back Henna tattoo on wrist


                                    WIRE NAME SCULPTURES

The Wire Artist creates wire names for guests, right in front of their eyes, taking under 90 seconds to make an average name. That's about 40 names per hour. Now THAT'S FAST!

Great for all ages!
Names are created from beautiful 14 gauge aluminum wire. Each name stands up, creating a fabulous 3D party favor that appeals to men and women, and boys and girls of all ages.

                        Guests hold onto their Wire Names forever!

Handcrafted 3d wire names created at your next party!     Handcrafted 3d wire names created at your next party!


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